Saturday 12th January

Order of Play  


James Hartley and Nikki Fayers (Salvation Army )

Pair A (Clare Baptist)

Pair B (Clare Baptist)

Plus one (Clare Baptist) and Lez Snow (Pastor Pirates)

Tim Ayrton and David Butcher (Number 72)

Jack and Tom Prentice (Churches Together)

Ted Legget and Harry Adams (Churches Together)

Frank Ervine and John Lunn (Pilgrim Pioneers)

New Pair A (Number 72)

New Pair B (Number 72)


Chris Blinman and Alex Hepburn  (Salvation Army )

Wayne Mayes and Nigel Smith (New Life)

Matt Ayrton and Dave Senior (Number 72)

Chris Ayrton (Number 72) and Pete Davy (Pilgrim Pioneers)

Graham Gilbert and Mark Gillett (Baptist Bandits)

Mike Southin and Steve Ledgerton (Churches Together)

Chris Moss and Paul Billimore (Pastor Pirates)

Den Brown and Stuart Walton (Vineyard)

Mark Ruane and Dave Webber (Pilgrim Pioneers)

Pair C (Clare Baptist)

Spare Paul Tamsett

Winter Knockout 2019